Congratulations To The Winners of Data Hackathon Awards:

Joint Winners

  1. Imaging Informatics: Yucheng Wang, Huiling Liao, Huaxing Ren, Xiaoning Qian. COVID-19 Diagnosis by Segmented Ground Glass Opacity Volumes in CT Images Using U-Net
  2. Sensor Informatics: Edmund – Grigoris Dervakos, Giorgos Filandrianos. ntuautn: IEEE COVID-19 Sensor Informatics Challenge
  3. Bioinformatics, Single Cell Sequencing: Seyednami Niyakan, Xiaoning Qian. COVID-Datathon: Biomarker Identification for COVID-19 Severity Based on BALF scRNA-seq Data
  4. Bioinformatics, Drug Target: Zhangdaihong Liu, Jingtong Jin, Chenyang Wang, Yang Yang, David A. Clifton. Protein Docking Score Prediction with SMILES Fingerprints

Joint Runner-up:

  1. Sensor Informatics: Huining Li, Xingyu Chen, Xiaoye Qian, Huan Chen, Zhengxiong Li, Soumyadeep Bhattacharjee, Hanbin Zhang, Ming-Chun Huang, Wenyao Xu. Star Ring of Jupiter: IEEE COVID-19 Sensor Informatics Challenge
  2. Bioinformatics, Single Cell Sequencing: Charles A. Ellis, Donghyun (Ethan) Kim, Martina Lapera, Max Liu, Abhinav Sattiraju, Carolina Urzay. Machine Learning Approaches to Predict COVID-19 Infection Severity Using scRNA-seq Data



Phase-1 Data Hackathon Overview:

The data hackathon is for all teams around the world to present and show the power of BHI and AI in combating pandemics.

There are multiple datasets provided below to cover:

Many IEEE-sponsored, and individual institution-sponsored awards will be given to top performing teams.

Any team from around the world who is interested in participating in the data hackathon, please register your team according to the following timeline:

  • 27th August 2021:
    COVID-19 Hackathon Data Release
  • 1st October 2021:
    COVID-19 Hackathon Team Registration
  • 2nd October 2021:
    COVID-19 Hackathon Team Submission (Report and Github Codes)
  • 4rd October 2021:
    COVID-19 Hackathon Team Member Registration Deadline (Every Member of the Team Must Register To Qualify for Certificate and Award)
  • 5th – 7th October 2021:
    COVID-19 Hackathon Finalist Presentation
  • 7th October 2021:
    Award Ceremony (Data Hackathon and Best Poster)
  • 31st December 2021:
    JBHI Special Issue Position Paper on Data Hackathon

Please note:

By Sept. 29th, all teams who are interested, need to register ( Each team should register only once. Please start your title with “Covid-Datathon”.

By Oct. 3rd, 2021, each team member must register individually in the Summit ( to qualify for an award certificate.